Fundulopanchax spurelli
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"The difference in DNA between F. walkeri and F. spurelli is bigger than that between F. arnoldi and F. filamentosum" - JVDZ, Dec 2018, FB.


Fundulopanchax walkeri Agboville

Radda's location #12.


(GH 96)

Fundulopanchax walkeri Lov 11 EriMakougie

Radda's Location #11.

Fundulopanchax walkeri Fumbo

Loc. 13


Both F. walkeri and F. spurelli were considered to be extinct in nature, they had not been found in many year after many attempts as of 2018 and in that year a group went to Ghana to find this presumed lost species and was able, with some effort, to find it. While in some cases the original collection points are devoid of specimens we must keep in mind these are small streams and geographical events can alter this. Combine this with the fact initial collections merely sample one point and may not cover the entire area and the good news is despite some areas having gone dry, others in the are still have some life in them and at least four different locations were collected of fish that could be referred to F. spurelli and one more that may be new but nothing that could be referred to F. walkeri which is from further north up in Cote d'Ivoire.

Fundulopanchax walkeri Kutunse
Fundulopanchax walkeri GH1
Fundulopanchax walkeri GH2

The Orange, Kutunse and GH2 forms are the ones most commonly available so far and there are more pictures of these than the others.


5 57' N 4 27' W

E. Purzl took this photos of a fish from Radda's on collection in December 1977. Reportedly: "The site was a stagnant, 1 km east of Offumpo, Ivory Coast." Only a single male was collected.

Fundulopanchax walkeri Yapo

Radda's Location #10.

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"After collecting in March 1978 in Bonoua, Ivory Coast, Otto Hofmann and I went to Ghana. The reason of this trip was, to collect Fundulopanchax walkeri on the Type Locality, the "Bokitsa Mine" in southwestern Ghana. But we did not found Fp. walkeri, the month of March was to late for Fp. walkeri.

In December 1977 Alfred Radda collected in Ivory Coast in the environs of Agboville some different strains of F. walkeri. Radda sent his old car, a Citroen Ami 8, in September 1977 from Trieste to Abijan, but the car arrived to late in Abidjan, and so he had to use a taxi for collecting fish and it was not possible for him to go to Ghana.

In Ghana nobody knows a Bokitsa Mine, later we learnd the mine was a goldmine and become insolvent in 1920. In Awaso we collected Epiplatys chaperi and Nimbapanchax petersii. Back in Ivory Coast we went westward, from Abidjan to Tabou and collect mainly Epiplatys. Different strains of E. sheljuzhkoi, E. olbrechtsi, E. dageti, but also Nimbapanchax petersii, Lepidarchus adonis and Enneacampus ansorgii." - Ed Purzl.